Lady of the Words :: نقطه‌ی آبی رنگ‌پریده

نقطه‌ی آبی رنگ‌پریده

نقطه‌ی آبی رنگ‌پریده

"دوباره به اون نقطه نگاه کنید. اون اینجاست، اون خونه‌ست، اون ماییم!"

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Lady of the Words

پنجشنبه, ۱۶ آبان ۱۳۹۸، ۰۵:۰۹ ب.ظ

I was Stuck
Inside a monster
Scared and lonely
Followed by Hunter


Just out of nowhere
A light beam appeared
Not a firefly
A girl, Boltzmann’s beard!


I asked about her name
She said it means “the Sun”
Her heart was so shiny
And pure, just like a nun.


“Don’t you have a blog?” 
That day she asked me.
“I’ll have one!” I said,
“And I’ll be Charlie.”


Then we became friends
We had same kind of souls
And for the Halloween
We both had worn Trolls!


We sailed the oceans
We crossed a mountain
She’d set a course, for
She was the Captain!


My major was physics
Hers was literature
I liked electrons
She loved the nature.


My friend is fond of Anne
And dies for Gilbert Blythe!
When she decides to write
The room becomes bright.
And darkness forces cry:
“Jesus! What a plight!”


And When she picks a pen
The words all bow and then,
The words will sing like birds:
“Oh! Lady of the words.”



پ.ن: سروده شده برای یک دوست. ببخشید که خارج از جریان غالبِ پست‌هامه.

پ.ن2: برای آخرین بیت، باید Words رو درست تلفظ کنید تا قافیه‌ش درست باشه: \ wərd' \


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